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Instructions for the NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Application 

Application Deadline: October 5, 2023, 5:00 PM ET.

Thank you for your interest in the NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship! We look forward to receiving your application. Please read the following information before beginning your application. 

Preliminary Information

  • If you have not done so already, please read the Application Guidelines.
  • Applicants are encouraged to read The Art of Writing Proposals.
  • There are a number of common questions we receive during the application process. If you are unsure about a submission detail, the application portal is not functioning correctly, or for general guidance, please review the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question or concern is not addressed in this document, please email your question to info@naeducation.org.
  • All attachments uploaded to the online application system must be PDF files.
  • All attachments must use 11-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Do not reduce your font size—reviewers must be able to read all documents.
  • All applications and documents must be submitted in English.

Application Components

  • Demographic Information and Contact Information
  • Current Educational Information
  • Educational/Employment History (including Career Plan and Publications)
  • Project Information
  • Uploads and References

General Advice

  • Begin working on this application well ahead of the deadline. Unless otherwise announced, the application deadline listed is final for all applicants and references.
  • Keep in mind your current time zone. The application portal will close at 5:00 PM Eastern on October 5, 2023. You cannot edit or submit your application after this time.
  • Begin your application early to provide enough time to those who will be submitting letters of recommendation on your behalf. These individuals have the same deadline as you, and need adequate time to write a recommendation. Even though the system automatically sends an email to the references detailing what is expected, it is prudent for you to review the guidelines ahead of time to help facilitate the reference writing process. We recommend notifying your reference writers of the application and its expectations as soon as you create your application.
  • You may submit your application before your references upload their letters of recommendation.
  • Regularly save your progress.
  • You can save, exit, and return to edit your application up until the deadline.

Begin your application!